Apple has won: The risky Mac bet pays off

With the Intel farewell, Apple made a risky bet. But it paid off, as market researchers are now reporting. The Mac is more successful than ever – and in one important area it can even leave the PC competition far behind.

It was probably not an easy decision for Apple: After 15 years, the US group parted ways with Intel at the end of 2020 and has since been using its self-developed processors in more and more Mac computers. That the separation would be a success was by no means certain. However, Canalys’ figures show that Apple’s decision was spot on.

Apple’s Mac division grew by 28 percent

According to the market researchers, Apple could be Market share from 7.6 in 2020 to 8.5 percent in the following year increase (Source: Canalys) An increase of 0.9 percent does not sound like much at first. But a look at the delivered devices shows how much Apple has really grown: In 2020, there were still 22.5 million Macs that the Californians were able to sell, the number rose to almost 29 million the following year – a big increase of more than 28 percent compared to the previous year.

With these growth figures, Apple is at the top of the podium, no other manufacturer even comes close. Acer can also pat itself on the back, but with a plus of around 22 percent, the Taiwanese company is clearly behind Apple.

Despite the good Apple numbers, the general weather situation has not changed. Lenovo remains number 1 worldwide, while Apple comes fourth.

All new Macs run macOS 12 Monterey:

Competition poaches Apple employees

They also show that Apple has started at least one small technology revolution with its M1 chips Attempts by the competition to poach important employees from Apple’s processor development – partly with success. After Jeff Wilcox, who left Apple for Intel, it was only recently announced that Mike Filippo is also leaving the company. He is moving to Microsoft and will take care of the development of Microsoft’s own processors in the cloud division.

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