can withdrawals receive this exceptional aid of 100 euros?

Aid of 100 euros will be paid to several million individuals to reduce their fuel costs after the end of the direct reduction at the pump. But this boost is mainly reserved for hard workers to paraphrase the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal.

Question from Patrice, posed Tuesday, January 3

Can withdrawals qualify for the fuel aid put in place by the government in place of the reduction at the pump?

Hello Patrice, thank you for your question because you are far from being the only one to question MoneyVox on this specific point of the aid put in place by the Borne government.

No, withdrawals are not affected by the fuel bonus of 100 euros set up by the government. In fact, to sum up the logic of the executive, this boost is aimed at harder workers than at the big rollers, in the words of Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal at the end of 2022.

As a reminder, potential aid recipients must be over 16 and be taxpayers established in mainland France, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and La Runion, and taxable in France for the year 2021. But withdrawals are not concerned because an activity income in one of the headings of the 2021 tax return must have been mentioned:

  • all salaries and wages and similar income (excluding unemployment and early retirement);
  • industrial and commercial profits (BIC) micro-entrepreneurs or professionals;
  • non-commercial profits (BNC) micro-entrepreneurs or professionals;
  • agricultural profits (BA).

It’s the reference tax income and the number of units in your household for the year 2021, which appear on the latest income tax notice (accessible at, which serve as a reference for the allocation of the fuel bonus.

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The government transposed the RFR in net monthly salary indicative title:

To be able to claim the 2023 fuel allowance, you must earn less than…
Household compositionMaximum monthly net salary, per household
single person


Couple with 1 child


Single woman with 2 children


Couple with 2 children


Couple with 3 children


Source: government. Thresholds corresponding to the 5th decile of the year 2021 (reference tax income per unit less than 14,700 euros).
Precision of Matignon: Assuming that the corresponding salary is the only household income. If there are two assets, this is their combined income.

For an individual who travels 12,000 km per year, this compensation represents assistance of just over 10 centimes per litre. A couple who works and has two cars will benefit from 200 euros. This aid will apply regardless of the type of vehicle (thermal, plug-in hybrid, electric), including two wheels.

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