Dispute in Hallein – residential dispute ended with scandal

It began as a debate about building a new house – and got completely out of hand: Hallein’s Mayor Alexander Stangassinger (SPÖ) and Green City Councilor Kimbie Humer-Vogl fought a heated argument at the meeting of community representatives. The Greens then left the hall closed.

Shortly after 7 p.m., Kimbie Humer-Vogl and her two colleagues from the Hallein Greens packed their things and left the meeting of the community council on Thursday evening early. “It just doesn’t work that way. “, Said the city councilor afterwards pissed off.

What so enraged Humer-Vogl? There was an extremely lively debate about a planned new building project for a residential building on Döttlstrasse. It was about nonexistent green areas in the building project and soil sealing in general. City chief Alexander Stangassinger (SPÖ) wanted to end the discussion and not allow any further comments. He also spoke of the floods in the summer of this year – and made an allusion that the Hallein Greens had blocked a flood protection project on the Dürrnberg. Too much for Humer-Vogl: “We are not to blame for the disaster.” Stangassinger: “The opposition has the right to leave the room. I find it a bit childish. ”

The housing project was decided anyway – without votes from the Hallein Greens.
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