Duchess Catherine reaches milestone: she opens her own center

Duchess Catherine
She has opened her own education center

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Duchess Catherine launched her own center on Friday, June 18, 2021, which is intended to further advance her “Early Childhood” initiative. Kensington Palace describes this as “a landmark step” in the royal’s work.

For Duchess Catherine, 39, the “Royal Foundation Center of Early Childhood” is her heart project. With the initiative, the mother of three draws attention to the first few years of a child’s life, which have decisive effects on the rest of their life. Kate not only wants to help families and children, but also to encourage the next generation from the start and see them grow into strong personalities.

Duchess Catherine emphasizes that the first five years of a person’s life “lay important foundations for our future selves” and “shape the adults and parents we become.”

Duchess Catherine’s campaign will focus on three areas

The main focus of the “Early Childhood” initiative should be on the promotion of studies and research that achieve a better understanding of how to deal with children and new measures so that parents can act correctly. This includes the psychological aspect as well as research on brain development, proper nutrition and social science.

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In addition, further campaigns are to be developed to encourage families and schools to deal more with the importance of the first phase of life and to provide the children with the support they need.

Duchess Catherine and Dr. Jill Biden are committed to education and upbringing

Just a few days ago, Prince William’s wife, 38, exchanged ideas with the First Lady of the United States of America, Dr. Jill Biden, 70, on the importance of early childhood. The two women attended a preschool in Cornwall that works with Kate’s initiative and has a tailor-made curriculum for young students.

Duchess Meghan

This is behind Kate’s heart project “Early Childhood”

The 39-year-old has been committed to promoting and educating children since joining the royal family. With her own Royal Foundation Center of Early Childhood, Duchess Catherine wants to “create a happier, more mentally healthier, more caring society.”

The organization is based on the knowledge that problems in adulthood – whether addictive behavior, violence or crime – can often be traced back to traumatic experiences in childhood. “My journey into the early years began with meeting people who had to rebuild their lives after addiction, homelessness and family breakdown. As I listened to these experiences, I realized that there was poor mental health and traumatic one Childhood shaped her life “, said Duchess Catherine. Her center is a milestone for herself, but especially a step towards shaping a new generation of happy adults.

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