Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry: You could soon be doing TV advertising

Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry
They could soon be flickering across TV screens

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry recently got into finance through their partnership with an investment company. A Royal expert now seems certain: The Sussexes will soon be promoting it.

Duchess Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, announced on October 12, 2021 that they are investing in the financial technology company “Ethic”, which in turn invests in companies with an ecological and social agenda. Together they now want to “change the world”, says the statement that Harry and Meghan published on their “Archewell” website.

A Royal expert now explains the background to this partnership and risks a glimpse into the future. According to him, the Susexes could soon act as testimonials and advertise the multi-billion dollar investment company on American television.

Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry: will they be bank testimonials now?

The US company “Ehtic” promises sustainability for everyone and therefore only invests in companies that pursue socially and ecologically desirable goals. The owners are self-proclaimed “hippies” who, however, manage a Wall Street fund worth the equivalent of 1.1 billion euros. The Australian Royal correspondent Peter Ford told “Express” that Harry and Meghan’s investment in the company was “a nice thing” because the corporate strategy fits their values.

However, he emphasizes, “To be very clear, ‘Ethic Investing’ is not a charitable organization. It is a for-profit organization.” He continues that Harry and Meghan did not enter into the partnership out of “pure kindness”, but act as “paid ambassadors and sponsors”.

Exactly how their duties will look is not yet known, but Ford is certain that the Sussexes will do far more than make a statement. In his opinion, it is conceivable that Harry and Meghan will soon “appear in TV spots or print ads.” It remains to be seen whether the former senior royals will actually flicker on US TV screens in the near future.

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