Eczema: The Best Tips For Skin Care


Cream is the most important weapon against eczema. But which ointment should it be and what measures are also useful, especially in atopic dermatitis in such sensitive areas as the face or on the scalp? Our picture gallery shows what you can do yourself.


Atopic dermatitis often accompanies those affected for decades. The basis of treatment: cream at least morning and evening. Because the skin of neurodermatitis is particularly dry and thus tends to cracks and inflammation – even if just no epidemic of neurodermatitis plagues.

Problem areas on the neck, on the scalp and on the face

Especially in the head area, so under the hair, on the face and around the neck eczema is particularly distressing. Consistent care relieves the discomfort: with the appropriate products for basic treatment and an acute boost with medical ointments, lotions and creams.

Ointment with urea

The most important active substance in skin care products that is suitable for atopic dermatitis is urea (urea). Useful are remedies with at least two percent urea. Urea helps the skin to store more moisture. This is especially important for the dry skin of atopic dermatitis.

Important active ingredients in atopic dermatitis

In case of atopic dermatitis, the doctor prescribes ointments and lotions with additional active ingredients to inhibit the inflammation. This includes, for example, cortisone. In addition, there are still over-the-counter products with St. John’s wort and vegetable tannins. They have a mitigating effect on the inflammation. Also zinc preparations for cream are useful in many cases.

Showering or bathing?

Daily showering is less recommended for neurodermatitis. The skin dries out additionally.

Better in the bath

Useful are baths . Do not immerse your bath in the tub for the first few minutes and clean your skin with clear water. Then pour some perfume-free care oil into the bath water. These do not have to be expensive special products, for example, olive oil has proven itself. The oil moisturizes and helps the skin not to dry out.