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Emmanuel Macron's new announcements

From the field hospital in Mulhouse, set up in a few days by the army, Emmanuel Macron announced in particular a "massive investment plan" for the hospital and a bonus for the carers and the civil servants mobilized.

"When we start a war, we engage in it entirely, we mobilize in unity ", declared the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, after his visit to the military field hospital installed near Mulhouse. The politician called for "The union" to lead "the war" against the coronavirus epidemic. During this speech, new points were also announced, here they are.

A "massive investment plan" for the hospital

The President of the Republic has promised the establishment of a "massive investment and upgrading plan for all quarries"for the hospital, once the coronavirus crisis has passed.

He swore to be "what we owe, beyond this recognition and respect"This response will be deep and lasting," he said. Medical staff will soon be able to request a telephone number in order to resolve the psychological harms generated by this "disaster" medicine.
"I can see what you are taking as stress, as workload, and you have accomplished a remarkable job", thanked Emmanuel Macron.

A bonus for carers and civil servants mobilized

Increased overtime and an exceptional bonus have been announced for "all the nursing staff and civil servants mobilized". "All the State services are mobilized: our police officers, our gendarmes, our customs officers, all our civil servants. Our teachers too, to whom I want to say thank you", said Emmanuel Macron. The amount of the bonus mentioned has not been specified.

A military operation to support the populations

A military operation called "Resilience" will be launched and will mobilize the armed forces to help the population affected by the coronavirus epidemic, as the "peak which is before us". This operation, distinct from the "Sentinel" operation against terrorism, "will be entirely devoted to helping and supporting populations, as well as supporting public services to deal with the epidemic, in mainland France and overseas", said the head of state.

The amphibious helicopter carrier Mistral will be deployed "at once" in the southern Indian Ocean and, "from the beginning of April, the helicopter carrier Diksmuide will position itself in the French Guiana Antilles area in support of our overseas territories ". French armies may have to carry out different types of actions, such as disinfecting public places or logistical support for firefighting units. The operation can also consist in a transfer of patients on the national territory or a reception of patients in the hospitals of instruction of the armies. Actions against the virus will also see the light of day, such as the transport of masks, strategic protection missions for health equipment, the provision of military buildings for fortnightly fortunes. Finally, support for the internal security forces can be provided in missions to protect sensitive sites.

Emmanuel Macron insisted on "unity and courage will allow us to overcome, we are only at the beginning, but we will hold out".

Another measure, a medical TGV will bring this Thursday, March 26, 20 patients with Covid-19 to the hospital in Le Mans, that of La Roche-sur-Yon and the teaching hospitals of Nantes and Angers. In this train, specially fitted out by the SNCF, each car will transport four patients and a medical team made up of 1 doctor anesthetist-resuscitator, 1 resident, 1 nurse anesthetist and 3 nurses.

"Chatter Telephone", a telephone line for confined Polish seniors

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