Fiber at Orange is almost half the price to celebrate the arrival of 2022

[Le Deal du Jour] Orange wants you to start the new year on a high note, with a fast and stable connection at low cost for the first year. Indeed, the Livebox Fiber subscription will cost you only € 22.99 per month instead of € 41.99 per month, during the 12 months of 2022.

Fiber + TV + fixed subscriptions are still quite expensive. To save money, it is therefore often necessary to juggle the various offers from ISPs who frequently offer a small monthly price for the first year. If you intend to change your Internet subscription before the end of 2021, or simply subscribe to a Fiber offer for the first time, you will be delighted to learn that Orange is currently selling out its Fiber Livebox for almost half the price.

Until February 2, 2022, it is possible to take advantage of the incumbent’s fiber in France (with 400 Mbits / s for downloading and sending) for only € 22.99 per month for one year, then 41.99 € thereafter.

Note that there is a mandatory charge of 40 euros to activate the TV decoder. Then, if the intervention of a technician is necessary to connect you to the fiber, you will be billed 119 euros.

The different Livebox offers // Source: Orange

To better understand the offer

  • What speed can I expect with the Fiber Livebox?

The Fiber Livebox is the operator’s most affordable subscription to have Very High Speed ​​Internet access at home. It offers 400 M / bits, both for downloading and sending, which is more than enough for the whole family to enjoy a good connection without slowing down, whatever the use (streaming, downloading, etc. ). The advantage of Orange is above all that the theoretical speed is better respected than with the competition, but if you really want more speed on a daily basis, you can always subscribe to the Livebox Up Fiber offer which shows up to 2 Gbits / s shared for € 30.99 per month.

  • What other services are available with the offer?

Who says Internet connection, obviously says fixed telephone line. Orange includes unlimited calls to landlines in France, overseas departments and more than 110 other destinations at no extra cost, from Hong Kong to Canada to Malaysia. Ten hours of calling to Algerian landlines can be offered on request.

The operator also includes a 4K TV decoder in its offer, giving access to more than 160 television channels and the possibility of installing streaming applications such as Netflix or Disney +.

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