Fiona Erdmann: Your son is getting his first hair

Fiona Erdmann
Your son is getting his first hair

Fiona Erdmann

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Fiona Erdmann became a mom for the first time over six months ago. And her little son is getting bigger and bigger – in the meantime he has even got his first hair.

In August 2020, ex- "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate Fiona Erdmann, 32, became a mother for the first time. She regularly lets her followers participate in her new life as a mom via social media. And recently she gave a particularly sweet baby update: Her son Leo has had his first hair.

Fiona Erdmann: "It just keeps getting bigger and gets so much hair"

In her Instagram story, the 32-year-old is amazed at how quickly her little son is growing up. "Look how much hair he gets. You get hair, Leo. It just keeps getting bigger and gets so much hair," she lets her community know on the photo and video platform. In addition, she posts a short video sequence that shows the back of her son's head – including his first hair. Fiona can only think of one comment: "I'm going crazy, my baby is growing up."

The Dubai emigrant repeatedly expresses how much she loves her baby with loving posts on the internet. For example, she wrote about her son's six-month-old on Instagram: "You are now six months old – God has passed the time – and you make us even happier every day. You have become a wonderful, sweet, handsome, funny and characterful little boy I can already guess from your behavior what a strong, charming, strong-willed and adventurous man you will become. "

Fiona Erdmann is so happy in Dubai

Fiona moved the center of her life from Germany to Dubai a few years ago. There she lives with her son and boyfriend Moe. And recently, Fiona and her partner took a bold step: They bought a house. "More than three and a half years ago, when I sold my mom's house in Germany and emigrated to Dubai to find my happiness, I never expected that I would move into a home with my own family three and a half years later," it wrote Model in disbelief in January.

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