Frozen honey “ice cream”, a viral recipe that refreshes summer

Honey and freezer, this is the perfect combo to refresh yourself with indulgence. Straight from TikTok, this recipe will make you succumb.

The social network brings us new cooking trends every day. Often simple and delicious, these original recipes are sure to delight us. Today, honey “ice cream” is all the rage on TikTok.

To get this kind of soft candy, according to the user @gracemarywilliams, take a small plastic bottle, pour liquid honey inside and place the container in the freezer for about 2 hours. To increase the pleasure of this frozen jelly, some users do not hesitate to add fruit flavors and even food coloring.

Others try the experiment with maple syrup. But like @averycyrus has had a bitter experience, consuming too much of the candy can quickly make you sick. With derision she explains “Have to go for a stomach wash” in comment of his TikTok.

If this trend sounds like it at first glance, remember that honey is first and foremost sugar, so take it easy. As pointed out Futura Sciences, WHO (World Health Organization) recommends consuming the equivalent of 25 grams of sugar per day. It would be the equivalent of “Six teaspoons for a ration of 2,000 calories”. Also good to know, honey contains on average 79.8g of sugar per 100g, according to the Ciqual food nutritional composition table (reference food database in France). So think about sharing your honey “ice cream” with your friends.

Lea Lecuyer

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