Gas prices, APL … which changes from September 1st

From the increase in the price of gas to the increase in APL, including the end of the validity of restaurant tickets, here is what to expect from Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Like every year, back to school rhymes with novelty! That of 2021 is no exception to the rule and is synonymous with changes, more or less beneficial for the purchasing power of households. It will take place on Wednesday September 1st and we already know what to expect: gas prices, APL, restaurant tickets, teleworking, Netflix… If the new measures and restrictions linked to the health crisis have largely set the pace in recent months, in this article, it is the changes outside of Covid that we are combing … To your notes!

The increase in gas prices

Bad news: the price of gas will be on the rise from September 1st. And for good reason: Engie – the main supplier of natural gas – is increasing its regulated tariffs excluding tax by 8.7%, an increase in particular due to the rise in world prices. The Energy Regulatory Commission explained that this increase in the price of gas will vary according to the uses: it will indeed amount to “2.7% for customers who use gas for cooking, 5.5% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 9.0% for homes that heat with gas“.

APL on the rise

From September, young people on a professionalization contract could see the calculation of their APL evolve favorably, with the aim of counterbalancing the drop in housing assistance that occurred at the beginning of the year. If this is possible, it is thanks to an income allowance, equivalent to the monthly minimum wage. The latter should make it possible to increase aid paid to young people.

The end of the validity of restaurant tickets

September 1, 2021 also marks the end of the validity of the 2020 meal vouchers (which had exceptionally been extended by a few months). If you have not yet sold them all, be aware that you can request to exchange them for free for 2021 meal vouchers from your employer. Another good news: the doubling of the daily cap (now amounting to 38 euros instead of 19 euros) is extended until February 2022.

The fall in the price of tobacco

Several brands of cigarettes – like blue and red Lucky Strike, News Rouge, Gauloises Blonde blue… – will experience a slight drop in September. Indeed, the price of their packets is about to decrease by 10 cents, the 20 cigarettes going from 10 euros to 9.90 euros. For the Camel Filter and Essential packs, the reduction will be 20 cents.

The price increase on Netflix

In a completely different genre: another increase in prices is to be noted on the side of the Netflix film and series platform, which inflates its prices as of September 1. Indeed, the subscription says essential (including a screen) increases by one euro, thus reaching 8.99 euros; the formula standard (two screens) goes from 11.99 euros to 13.49 euros and finally the subscription premium (four screens) increases by 2 euros and will now amount to 17.99 euros per month.

The end of the telework obligation

Finally, another big change for the start of the school year: a new protocol putting an end to the minimum number of days of teleworking comes into force. It was Elisabeth Borne – Minister of Labor – who announced it on Monday August 30: “It is now up to the management of the company in discussion with employee representatives to define the rules for teleworking.”. However, remote work is still recommended. Civil servants, for example, will be able to telework for a maximum of three days a week.

In France, 8 out of 10 employees wish to continue teleworking

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