One in four thinks of giving up: Half of the vacation home rental companies are in need

One in four thinks of giving up
Half of the holiday home landlords in need

Only a fraction of German holiday home renters are entitled to state aid in the Corona crisis. At the same time, there is no income from the accommodation ban. An industry survey now reveals the needs of this tourism sector.

According to a survey, the month-long ban on tourist accommodation in the corona pandemic threatens the existence of many holiday home rental companies in Germany. In view of the savings and running costs used up, every second host is in a financial emergency situation and fears for economic survival due to the ongoing Corona measures, as the survey by the German Holiday House Association and the German Tourism Association shows.

In addition, according to the survey, 25.9 percent of those surveyed are already considering giving up renting their holiday homes. Should tourism only start again in June, it would be difficult to cope with for a further 36.9 percent. At the end of April, 10,528 private and commercial landlords were surveyed for the survey.

In the first three months of the year, 81.4 percent of those surveyed recorded a drop in bookings compared to the pre-crisis period 2020. For every third month, bookings fell by more than half. According to the information, the income from letting is existential for many owners of holiday properties. According to the study, around one in five lives from the holiday home income. The holiday property serves as a retirement provision for another 31.5 percent. Here the rental income is “an important basis for maintaining the holiday property”.

According to the information, only 15.5 percent of holiday home landlords and agencies were able to avail themselves of state aid. The association complained that the majority of holiday home landlords were left empty-handed because they rented out privately or as a sideline. “We appeal to the federal states, after a six-month lockdown, to finally present concrete steps to reopen tourism,” said the chairman of the German holiday home association, Göran Holst.

Some federal states announced on Tuesday that they would take the first regional opening steps in tourism. Depending on the regional number of infections, camping and overnight stays in holiday apartments for tourist purposes should also be allowed.