Queen Elizabeth II: Did the palace want to cover up the hospital stay?

Queen Elizabeth II
Was the palace trying to cover up the hospital stay?

Queen Elizabeth II is said to be in good shape after her hospital stay.

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The Queen spent one night in the hospital. However, the palace only announced this belatedly. Now criticism is loud.

Buckingham Palace is facing great criticism. Queen Elizabeth II (95) spent the night from Wednesday to Thursday in a hospital. This became public through a report in the British newspaper “The Sun”, only later the official confirmation of the palace followed. Journalists are now alleging that the hospital stay was supposed to be covered up.

As reported by the “Sun” among otherssaid Nicholas Witchell, 68, the BBC’s Royal Correspondent, stated that journalists and the public “did not get the full picture”. The former BBC journalist Peter Hunt also criticized the fact that “the trust of the media in the veracity of royal communication (…) is being put to the test”. The palace had “tried in vain” to “cover up the fact that the queen had spent a night in the hospital”.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward added that the palace “misled the media”. Attempts were made “to protect the queen because she did not want to attract attention”. The hospital stay had raised great concern about the Queen’s health.

How is the Queen? That’s what the palace says

What is the Queen’s health really like? The palace divided according to the BBC with that the 95-year-old was in good shape after the night in the clinic and had already performed minor duties on Thursday afternoon. The hospital stay had only practical reasons.

The Queen had previously canceled a visit to Northern Ireland that was due to begin on Wednesday. A palace spokesman said the Queen “reluctantly accepted the medical advice to cut back on her for the next few days.”

Prince William and Duchess Kate are going on vacation

Prince William (39), Duchess Kate (39) and their three children George (8), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3) have meanwhile been spotted at Heathrow Airport in London, as reported by “The Scottish Sun”. The family is apparently leaving for the start of the autumn break. As can be seen in the photos, Kate was wearing a summer dress, the children were also well dressed. The assumption is therefore that the royals are flying to a warm and sunny holiday destination. It is unclear exactly where it is going.


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