Shiba Inu wants to bring out “one of the most important games of all time”

Shiba Inu is developing “one of the most important games of all time” on its own Shibarium platform, with a true gaming legend.

The headlines around the Shiba Inu token do not want to tear off. The number of users recently broke the one million mark. Then on Saturday, the pseudonymous head of the project, Shytoshi Kusama, announced a new plan. He is preparing an appearance for Shiba Inu in the gaming world. Of the corresponding medium blog post bears the unmodest title “The Future of Gaming is Shib” – “The future of gaming is Shib”. It says that the legendary developer William David Volk was won over. Volk is the former VP of Technology for Activision.

I am honored to be able to work with a great team on one of the most important games of all time

, said Volk about the new collaboration. However, the actors do not reveal any details. Just so much that the Shiboshi game in question will be primarily intended for cell phones. Since Volk is also one of the developers of the first iPhone game ever published, Shiba can fall back on decades of experience.

According to Kusama, the finished game will be licensed for use on Shibarium only. Shibarium is Shiba Inu’s second-layer blockchain. Users of the Shiba Inu ecosystem (which includes SHIB, LEASH and BONE) should have unique opportunities. So it will be possible to burn SHIB and LEASH through profits from the in-app purchases from Shiba Inu Games.

But that’s not all, Shiba Inu is also well prepared for entering the Metaverse.

However, I believe that a “metaverse” has to be more than a twisted infinity symbol and a way to extract data. It has to offer users real added value. This requires a certain foundation that is created before the technology is released

, explains Kusama. The “bent infinity symbol” is of course an allusion to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision and the meaning Facebook is supposed to play in the Metaverse. Kusama provides the Shiba Inu variant of the Metaverse name OshiVerse opposite. The Shiba Inu development team is working at full speed on its implementation.

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