Shopping trick: This saves you several hundred euros a month

Shopping trick
This saves you several hundred euros a month

There are many supermarket economy tricks – but this one should be particularly efficient.


Most of the time, shopping in the supermarket is significantly more expensive than originally planned – but that can be changed drastically with this shopping method.

Full fridge AND still a full wallet? That doesn’t have to be a contradiction! Because you don’t have to do without anything if you follow the trick of triple mom and policewoman Lindsey Bebbington-Colbourne from England.

Just save several hundred euros when shopping in the supermarket? Apparently no problem!

But how is that supposed to work? The answer is as simple as it is ingenious! A family of four has found out what exactly is behind the Spartrick and how suitable it is for everyday use. You can find out the incredible result in the video.

Source: RTL


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