Submerged for 3 years – attack in Vienna: suspect caught in Ukraine

The Luxembourger had been able to hide from the Austrian judiciary for three years – now the long arm of the law struck in a small town in the Ukraine. Thanks to Interpol’s arrest warrant, the 32-year-old was handcuffed in an apartment in Uzhorod. The delivery is running!

The suspect is said to have brutally disfigured the face of an opponent with his fists in downtown Vienna in May 2019. The victim was hospitalized with countless broken bones – and, according to the authorities, was lucky to survive the beating orgy at all. The alleged thug fled.

Small apartment rented as a hiding place
And so far it has been able to move under the radar of the Austrian judiciary. Thanks to an international arrest warrant, however, the alarm bells rang – when the Luxembourger presented himself to the immigration control at the Ukrainian border with original papers. Access only followed a few days later. After the 32-year-old rented a small apartment as a hiding place in the city of Uschorod, in the border triangle between Slovakia and Hungary. The special unit of the Ukraine moved out early in the morning and stormed the four walls of the Luxemburgish man.

The suspected violent criminal wanted worldwide was perplexed and offered no resistance. The extradition process is ongoing.