The Masked Singer: Does Thomas Gottschalk reveal himself today as the Quokka?


The Masked Singer
Does Thomas Gottschalk reveal himself today as the Quokka?

"The Masked Singer": Who is behind the Quokka costume?

© ProSieben / Willi Weber

Does Thomas Gottschalk reveal himself as Quokka in the new episode of the guessing and singing show "The Masked Singer"? That speaks for it, that against it.

Tuesday is advice day! In the guessing and singing show "The Masked Singer" (ProSieben) the celebrities in these costumes have not yet been exposed: dinosaurs, unicorns, flamingos, chicks, leopards, monstronauts, turtles, bulls and quokka. With the latter, the discussions boiled up after the first show last week. Who performs as a short-tailed kangaroo?

Two names are given preference on Instagram. They seem sure to have recognized the voice of the entertainer Thomas Gottschalk (70). "That sounds 100 percent like Thomas Gottschalk," is not just read once. What speaks against it, however: "Thomas Gottschalk speaks perfect English, the pronunciation of the Quokka is not very good," says one user. "That's true, but I think he does it on purpose. You can't be 100 percent sure about 'The Masked Singer' anyway. Only 99.9 percent of the time," the reply said.

Or is it Rainer Calmund?

The "dialect is Kölsch and not Bavarian" is another argument against it. If you believe this trail, you would probably end up with the other name, which is also highly traded as Quokka. Many bet on the former German football official Rainer Calmund (72), who can often be seen as a juror in cooking shows. These names also come up: celebrity chef and author Horst Lichter, singer Roberto Blanco, actor Ralf Möller, actor Henning Baum, retired entertainer Stefan Raab and fitness expert Detlef D! Soost.

The audience and the advice team around Ruth Moschner (44) and Rea Garvey (47) and will find out who is exposed in the new edition of the live broadcast (February 23, 8:15 p.m., Prosieben) – it doesn't have to be the Quokka Their reinforcement, hip-hop star Smudo (52) at the end of the guessing and singing show.