The Prince Andrew case: has he lost his greatest asset in court?

The Prince Andrew case
Has he lost his greatest asset in court?

Prince Andrew is faced with serious allegations.

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Movement in Prince Andrew’s case? Instead of revealing a protective settlement agreement, the royal trump card should remain secret.

The case of Prince Andrew (61) is becoming more and more confused: An alleged settlement agreement has so far been an alleged settlement agreement in the abuse scandal as the greatest trump card of the son of Queen Elizabeth II (95). The document, which has been sealed to date, is said to have signed Andrew’s alleged victim Virginia Giuffre (38) in 2009 – which in the eyes of the royal lawyers makes an indictment impossible. In order to support this line of reasoning, Andrew’s lawyer finally asked for the files to be disclosed. But now the exact opposite is the case, as reported by “itv”.

According to the report, Prince Andrew’s attorney Andrew Brettler filed a motion asking that the contents of the document remain secret. The responsible judge Lewis A. Kaplan had already approved this request last Wednesday (October 27).

What does that mean in the event?

Why Prince Andrew’s team opted for this radical change in strategy is unclear. However, it suggests that the said settlement agreement might not have such a big impact on Prince Andrew in the current lawsuit. It was previously announced that Judge Kaplan had set July 14, 2022 as the last possible date for testimony. According to “Fox News” he is signaling with it, “that he is ready to take the case to court”.

Virginia Giuffre has filed a civil lawsuit against the Queen’s son. The allegation: Prince Andrew allegedly sexually abused her as a minor on the property of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019). The Royal denies the allegations.


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