Toilet thoughts that every mom knows

Quickly to the toilet …
15 toilet thoughts that every mom knows

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Just go to the bathroom quickly … not as easy as it sounds as a mom. Do these thoughts sound familiar to you?

Clearly, when the baby arrives, nothing is like it was before. You hardly get any sleep, leisure activities are limited to a minimum at first and your thoughts are constantly revolving around your child. Even in places that otherwise allowed us to withdraw privately – such as the toilet. Because you can go to the toilet in a relaxed manner, unfortunately that is now history! When dad can’t take care of the little one, going to the toilet often turns into – let’s say – an “interesting” experience full of thoughts. You may also know this one …

  1. Finally a short rest!
  2. Even though it’s quiet … oh dear, am I hearing something?
  3. Please sleep a little longer!
  4. I also try to be very quiet
  5. But without rinsing is also a bit disgusting, isn’t it?
  6. Please don’t start crying now – mom will be ready in a minute!
  7. And please, don’t suddenly start doing gymnastics exercises that babies don’t actually do until they are 6 months old
  8. Oh man, does the burning down there stop now !?
  9. But at least no more constipation!
  10. I haven’t eaten anything today, what else do we have to buy?
  11. Oh no, it screams
  12. Now it has to wait
  13. Or I’ll get it here for a minute
  14. Oh come on, I’ll break this off
  15. The next chance is coming – in two hours for sure!

Don’t worry, it will get worse!

Yes, a little irony has to be allowed at this point. Because once the child starts walking, there is no escape at all. As is well known, toddlers have a lot of nonsense in their heads and require practically all of our attention. To cut a long story short: the toilet problem is getting a little bigger at first. Sometimes there is simply nothing left but to take the offspring with you to the quiet place. Okay, it’s definitely not quiet anymore …