Transport Fever 2: The console edition arrives at the station on March 9

Released in 2019 on PC, Transportation Fever 2 had been able to show undeniable qualities by improving the bases established by the first opus, even if everything was not yet perfectly oiled. This second episode obviously interested the editor very closely. Nakon who wishes to give it a second youth with the upcoming arrival of a console version, simply titled Transport Fever 2: Console Edition.

The transport simulation arrives on consoles

Seeing transportation management games on consoles is rare enough to be underlined. Transport Fever 2: Console Edition promises to adapt its gameplay to these new platforms and will once again ask you to establish your own circulation network with more than 200 vehicles, including trains, trucks and planes. It is possible to create unique maps on three different continents and via eras ranging from the 19th century to the present day.

Transport Fever 2: Console Edition will be released on March 9 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. This version is already available for pre-order, with the following bonuses:

  • The prototype appearance of the Lockheed Super Constellation aircraft.
  • The emblematic appearance of the Atlantic for the TGV Sud-Est.
  • The GM Fishbowl skin in its Santa Clara version.
  • An alternative appearance for the MAZ 103 with an updated look.
  • A colorful appearance for the Mercedes Benz eCitaro based on its Luxembourg design

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