Warzone clip reopens solo helicopter debate

While from the start the presence of attack helicopters on Warzone has divided the community, a viral clip illustrating their devastating power has reignited the debate, showing exactly why they should be readjusted, if not removed from the solos.

Considering the size of Warzone’s new map, players need fast transportation to navigate it back and forth. To do this, they have attack helicopters, quads, trucks and even fighter planes at their disposal.

However, while these means of transportation are more than useful for getting through Caldera, they are also deadly weapons that come to wreak havoc on Warzone from time to time.


Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 launch roadmap

Over the seasons, helicopters have made multiple appearances in the battle royale, each more controversial than the last. At the launch of Season 1, the helicopters returned for the third time, which unsurprisingly was not unanimous.

Attack helicopters continue not to be unanimous in Warzone

A viral clip on Reddit has reignited the debate when we see a player succeeding in eliminating ten players in just a few minutes thanks to his attack helicopter.

The player even managed to take down another helicopter at the end of the clip doing one of the oldest tricks in the world, ejecting himself before crashing into the other helicopter.

The problem relates specifically to solos since in a team, players can rely on their teammates. In solo, being eliminated by a helicopter results in a one-way ticket to the Gulag.

“I appreciate the inclusion of helicopters in the solos”, said the player, but unsurprisingly most players disagreed. “I think it’s funny, but I hate you at the same time”, said one player. “I don’t like you, but well done”, said another player.

It remains to be seen if faced with the discontent of the players, the developers will look again at the case of attack helicopters on Warzone.

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