Women’s rights: Balenciaga is committed to its employees

women’s rights
This fashion label is committed to its employees

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: Balenciaga supports employees +++ With this trick you can restyle your blouse.

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June 29, 2022

Balenciaga supports its employees

While in Germany the general ban on advertising for abortions was lifted after years of discussion, an important fundamental judgment that is almost 50 years old is now being overturned in the USA. The new regulation in the USA stipulates that each state must decide for itself whether abortion is permitted, restricted or forbidden. Since the abortion law was changed, numerous people have taken to the streets and protested to stand up for women’s rights.

The world-famous fashion label Balenciaga has now reacted to these changes in the law and is committed to the freedom of choice for all people, especially their employees. The label thus wants to increase its health care benefits in the future so that affected employees can afford to travel to a state in which abortions are legal and safe.

So far, there have only been a few states that have spoken out in favor of abortions – including New York, California and Oregon, for example.

June 28, 2022

A new twist for your blouse

Turn old into new! We’ve discovered a simple trick you can use to quickly restyle your blouse. So you don’t have to worry about a new top: Put your blouse on the wrong way round, i.e. with your back to the front – but only one sleeve. In the middle of the blouse, turn the fabric over once to create a twist. Then you put on the second sleeve, button the blouse on the back and adjust the top the way you like it. For a proper finish, it’s best to tuck your blouse into your pants – this way the fabric stays where it should be. Well, would you have thought that the blouse could suddenly look like this?

The best part about the hack is that the blouse stays in place and doesn’t slip with the slightest movement like so many other styling options. You’ll have a new blouse in no time at all, which has a totally special look thanks to the twisted neckline.

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