Duchess Meghan has to tremble: Piers Morgan has a new job

Duchess Meghan must tremble
Moderator Piers Morgan has a new job

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When Piers Morgan lost his job on Good Morning America about six months ago because of his statements about Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, he swore revenge. Now the moderator has landed a new job and wants to scare the duchess.

To celebrate his new deal, Piers Morgan, 56, returns to the pub where he once met Duchess Meghan, 40. “And I have to express special thanks to you, Meghan. Where we are sitting and drinking now, I met her for the first time five years ago,” explains the moderator in an interview with “The Sun” with a grin on his face.

Piers Morgan: “… the stuff of nightmares”

In the future, the journalist will not only work as a columnist for the British publication, but will also have his own TV show, which will be broadcast in Great Britain, Australia and also in Meghan’s home country America. “And I bet she was sitting there celebrating my exit from ‘Good Morning Britain’, so this news will be the stuff nightmares are made of for her. So, cheers Meghan!” The 56-year-old triumphs with a beer in of the hand.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

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The moderator doubted Duchess Meghan’s statements

When Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 40, conducted their explosive interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, 67, in March 2021, the Briton did not hold back with his opinion. In the program “Good Morning Britain” he questioned the statements of the Sussexes a few hours after the broadcast, questioning their credibility. When his colleague Alex Beresford, 40, criticized him, Morgan even stormed out of the studio.

Meghan is said to have written a letter of complaint to the production company and asked the moderator to apologize in front of the camera. He refused and quit his job after six years on the show, but even then swore revenge on the Duchess of Sussex. How it will look like and what exactly Meghan has to fear now remains to be seen.


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