Facebook Messenger also enables end-to-end encryption for group chats

Facebook has recently started offering end-to-end encryption for its messenger’s group chat function, including calls and video telephony. Facebook has also expanded the functionality of secure chats: GIFs, stickers and reactions to messages are also available for end-to-end encrypted chats.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger: conversation options (Image: Facebook)

GIFs, stickers and reactions to messages are also available for end-to-end encrypted chats. To respond to messages, users can double-tap a message and then tag it with different emojis. Either by long pressing, tapping or swiping a message in any direction, you can reply directly to the same. Also new in encrypted chats is that it is displayed as soon as the other person writes. The secure chats also have verification badges visible so users can identify verified accounts.

Recently, a function for forwarding messages is also available. This function becomes visible as soon as the user presses longer on a message to be forwarded. Another option for end-to-end encrypted chats is editing a photo or video before sending it. After the user has selected an image from the gallery, the option to edit appears to the left of the send button. You can add stickers or doodles and text, among other things. Cropping and audio editing are also possible.

In addition, a Snapchat-like function for secret chats is to follow in the next few weeks. This informs users as soon as the other person takes a screenshot of the conversation. This notification function is already included in the self-delete mode.

Facebook has been offering end-to-end encrypted chats in its Facebook Messenger since 2016. If users want, they can use this function, but it has to be selected separately. Facebook does not plan to activate end-to-end encryption by default until 2023. This has been the case for Whatsapp since 2016.


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