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The antithesis of Jared Leto? Tom Hanks. The chubby Hanks exudes reliability, normalcy and humility. Jared Leto is shimmering, disturbed and is always surrounded by an aura of subliminal madness.

Leto’s latest coup: rumors spread online that he was now a guru. The proof: a photo of a music festival in Croatia.

Leto’s very successful band “Thirty Seconds to Mars” invited their fans to an event lasting several days and then posted a picture of Leto looking like Jesus and his fans like disciples.

The whole thing seems to have been a gag à la Leto and an allusion to the fan cult around him, as can be read in various fan forums.


Messiah for his fans: Jared Leto as a luminous figure at a music festival. The guru rumors were apparently a prank.

Twitter @ 30secondstomars

Hippie in heart

Jared Leto is a child of freedom. Perhaps that is why it cannot be precisely defined whether he is an actor, band leader, filmmaker or model.

His single mother always encourages him to work hard, be creative, and be special.

For Leto himself, his artistic complexity is related to his childhood in poor conditions: “I grew up in a hippie commune. I lived everywhere. I had a really creative mother. Music was always there and it was something I loved very much ».


Jared (center) and Shannon Leto with Constance. “She is the source of my creativity,” says Jared Leto of his mother.

imago / UPI Photo

Feed and fast

As if it were the most normal thing in the world, Jared Leto appears in public with a gold crown, red patent leather boots or in a pink glitter fumble. In 2019 he will have his most sensational appearance.

At the legendary Met Gala, where the stars show up with the most weird fashion creations possible, Leto suddenly has two heads. One on the neck, the other under the arm.


Hard to recognize: For the film “Chapter 27” Jared Leto put on a lot of body weight.

imago / allstar

Leto is also a chameleon in front of the camera. For the – not very successful – film “Chapter 27” (2007), in which he plays the murderer of John Lennon, he eats himself 28 kilograms overweight.

In 2014 he starved himself to 50 kilograms in order to play the drug addict trans woman Rayon in “Dallas Buyers Club”.

And this year, many in the House of Gucci did not recognize him. Bloated face, bald head. He played the would-be designer Paolo Gucci.


Would you have recognized him? Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci.

Universal Pictures International Switzerland

Unpredictable role choice

Leading roles have not yet brought Jared Leto great success. In the cult drug education film “Requiem for a Dream” (2000) he received exuberant reviews as a heroin junkie, but the audience seemed overwhelmed by the film – the box office success remained modest.


Two Oscar winners: Jared Leto (left) as trans woman Rayon and Matthiew McConaughey as Ron in “Dallas Buyers Club”.

Zuma Press

The supporting roles are different: in 2015 he received the Oscar for best supporting role in “Dallas Buyers Club”. He does not play his character Rayon, he truly embodied her. He has other successful supporting roles in “Fight Club” (with Brad Pitt) and “The Thin Red Line” (seven Oscar nominations for the film).

Contract with a Swiss

Leto’s most important success is his rock band “Thirty Seconds to Mars”. The alternative rock band was discovered in 1998, allegedly by a Swiss: the Zurich-born Beni Frei from the record label Immortal Records is said to have brokered her first record deal.


Adored band leader: Jared Leto is the front man of the rock band “Thirty Seconds to Mars”, which he founded with his brother Shannon.

imago / Pop eye

The band has now released five studio albums. Although front man, Jared Leto wants to prevent the band from being marketed under his name as much as possible. Which hardly works. For his fans, in front of the screen or on stage, Jared Leto is and remains a cult figure.

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