Missed since Wednesday – Where is Sophia? 14-year-old disappeared without a trace

A Carinthian mom as well as relatives and acquaintances are desperately looking for the 14-year-old Sophia Simon, who disappeared without a trace since Wednesday afternoon, via Facebook. The girl was last seen in the Klagenfurt area. The police have also been notified.

Karin S. has been desperately looking for her daughter since 12 noon on Wednesday. The girl from Launsdorf was last seen in Klagenfurt-Waidmannsdorf. Sophia is 1.55 to 1.60 centimeters tall, has medium brown, long hair and currently has her left hand in a cast. Relatives, acquaintances and friends are desperately looking for the girl. Every police station receives information. The responsible patrols have been informed. In addition, missing people are entered in an information system, according to the police.
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