sold for an aperitif, these foods should no longer be consumed

A new recall campaign has been launched, and this concerns products consumed as an aperitif. Find out which ones.

Recall campaigns going well lately. The government’s dedicated Rappel Conso site has the mission of warning and informing consumers about potentially dangerous products, which have been put on sale despite certain risks. Recently a brioche sold in a supermarket was recalled or even these canned goods which had to be returned.

When the consumer realizes that they have purchased a product recalled by the government site, they are invited to follow the procedure indicated, and above all not to consume the product in question. If this has already been done and nothing has happened, then great, otherwise, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This time, they are new products served as an aperitif who were recalled. Products appreciated by many consumers due to their format, taste and originality.

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Which products consumed as an aperitif have been recalled?

The products affected by this latest recall campaign are small white puddings in cocktail format, sold vacuum-packed in the fresh section of supermarkets. The recall is due to bacterial contamination. Indeed, white puddings are positive to the presence of Listeria monocytogenes. This is the bacteria responsible for listeriosis to which infants, pregnant women and immunocompromised people are particularly vulnerable. This infection can in particular lead to septicemia or even damage to the central nervous system.

Therefore, if a person has consumed this product and presents one of these symptoms: fever or headache, should consult a doctor. The products concerned are organic cocktail white puddings sold under the brand Le Bio des leveurs, in the fresh section. These are 200 g vacuum bags with the GTIN number 3483190001076, batch M320. They were on sale from November 18 to November 27, 2023. The consumption limit is set for December 11, 2023 and the health mark is FR 85 059 004 CE.


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