8 foods from which you can eat endlessly

Eat the whole evening without gaining weight? Sounds too good to be true. We’ll show you eight healthy, low-fat foods that you can eat as much as you want. The nutritionist Dr. Pierre Dukan, founder of the so-called Dukan diet, knows: There are many foods to eat. However, this requires that you do not combine these foods with carbohydrate suppliers. It is…

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Slimming: Slim with the 20 minute trick

For a new study, US researchers have investigated the methods by which people who lose weight can achieve the greatest successes. For this purpose 150 subjects were observed over six months. The surprising result: The largest decrease was recorded by people who consistently kept a food diary. Between about 15 and 23 minutes daily, the subjects spent eating down on consumed foods…

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Balanced diet: 10 simple rules!

Many myths and opinions surround the diet. For many, a healthy, balanced diet seems to be something very complicated. We’ll show you the rules that make it easy for you. Balanced diet: 10 simple rules Eating consciously: Eating is more than just taking in food and satisfying your hunger. Nutrition is also pleasure and we should consciously celebrate it. A…

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Green eyes make-up – the best tips

Look into my eyes, kid! Green eyes are considered mysterious. How to make up green eyes, we explain here! You have green eyes and do not really know which shades harmonize perfectly with your eye color? We show you how to make-up green eyesand give you the best make-up tips for a successful eye make-up. Green eyes make-up – these colors fit Green…

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Permanent make-up lips – perfectly made-up!

Never again lipliner and lipstick thanks to permanent make-up for the lips! We answer the most important questions. Get up in the morning and look freshly made-up without spending hours in the bathroom in front of the mirror with make-up, brushes and Co. – a dream that makes permanent make-up come true. Here are the key answers to the questions…

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