Losing weight: So you do not get fat in your sleep!

Not only do we regenerate in our sleep – those who sleep sufficiently also have less appetite and cravings . Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have now discovered that sleeping can make us feel fatigued. Their conclusion: In women who sleep in brightness (and this includes a switched on TV), the metabolism is disturbed. And that in turn can stimulate the…

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Ferrous foods: How to cover your needs!

Iron is one of the most important trace elements our body absolutely needs. How to consume enough ferrous food, you will learn here. Ferrous foods: introduction Do you feel constantly tired or have a cold? Behind it could hide an iron deficiency. Nowadays, there is a lot of panic about micronutrients and a potential shortage. A balanced diet  , however, usually provides sufficient…

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The period is out? Reasons and tips

Your period is over and you have no explanation for it? Here you will learn the most common causes and when you should therefore consult the doctor. Your period is over? That can be behind it The female cycle is controlled by hormones – and the control is very susceptible to all kinds of disorders. If the period is absent…

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Whey: That’s why the drink is so healthy

Whey is an often underrated dairy product. What benefits whey has and how to make it delicious, you will find out here. Whey: What’s behind it? Like buttermilk, whey is a by-product of milk processing . More specifically, whey accumulates in the production of cheese because it is separated as a liquid from the cheese. A distinction is made…

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The best 4 home remedies for barley grain

Swelling develops on your eyelid and pus accumulates? Then you could be affected by a barley grain. Which home remedies work against barley grain, you will find out here. Home remedies for barley grain: What is a barley grain anyway? A barley grain (Hordeolum) is a small globule, which is located directly on the approach to your eyelashes. It is…

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Losing weight: fast slim thanks to protein power

Diets that rely on the power of proteins are like sand on the sea. Slim in sleep, for example. And the concept works, as a new study from the US National Library of Medicine just shows. Researchers found out that proteins can boost metabolism by up to 30 percent – tumbling kilos are almost inevitable! The only thing to keep in mind is that…

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